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Services Provided at the Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabiliation Center include:

  • Individualized evaluation and assessment


  • Individualized Therapeutic Treatment Plans that address:


      • Range of motion
      • Strengthening
      • Work conditioning
      • Functional activities and exercise
      • Desensitization
      • Nerve gliding
      • Postural retraining
      • Neuromotor re-education
      • Therapeutic activities




  • Hands-On Manual Therapy


      • Joint mobilization
      • Soft tissue mobilization
      • Cross friction massage
      • Edema control
      • Manual edema mobilization techniques (MEM)
      • Scar remodeling techniques


  •  Advanced Wound Care


      • Incision and wound management 
      • Dressing changes
      • Debridement
      • Burn care


  • Customized Splinting
      • to provide protection of injured structures
        (bones, tendons, nerves, ligaments), correction of deformity,
        immobilization of joints, or as a tool for exercise

      • Fabrication of 
        • static splints
        • static-progressive splints
        • Custom dynamic splints

      • Fitting of prefabricated static, static-progressive, or dynamic splints


  • Thermal and Electrical Modalities


      • Hot and cold packs
      • Fluidotherapy
      • Ultrasound
      • Iontophoresis
      • NMES, FES, interferential current, premodulated current
      • Paraffin


  • Home Program Development and Modification
    • Home programs are necessary  to obtain the optimum therapy outcome


  • Patient Education


    • It is important that one understand their condition in order to be an educated participant in their care.  Therapist's make sure that their client understands:
      • The nature of their injury or dysfunction
      • Precautions associated with their diagnosis
      • The importance of commitment with home program and precautions
      • Prevention techniques and strategies
      • Adaptive equipment and techniques to improve ease, comfort and efficiency in daily tasks.
      • Ergonomic adaptations

Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Center
304.241.4020 • 3109 University Avenue• Sellaro Plaza • Suite C • Morgantown, WV 26505

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