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Your First Visit

What to Expect:

    Upon arrival at our clinic you will be registered as a new patient.  In order for us  
    to be able to so in a timely manner it is important that you bring the following     
    with you to your first appointment:
    •     Physician Prescription for Occupational Therapy Treatment                
    •     Your insurance card(s)      
    •     Name of your primary care physician
    •     Any xrays, surgeons reports etc that you may have



If you are a new patient, it is important that you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to complete the registration, history and insurance agreement forms. We realize that some of the requested information may seem in depth for your condition, but it is necessary for us to know about you to provide the level of care that we offer.  If you are unable to complete these forms independently please let us know so we can make accommodations to assist you.


Following completion of the intake forms you will be evaluated.  Depending on your diagnosis this can be a timely process and you should arrive anticipating a minimum of one hour for your initial visit.  Measurements will be obtained to allow us to have a base line for your therapy as well as to be able to show progress.  The information obtained from your evaluation will be utilized to design a custom treatment plan.


Following your evaluation, treatment may be initiated and wil vary depending on your needs. Some possible interventions include orthotic fitting/training, fabrication of customized splints, US, edema reduction, wound care, therapeutic exercise and home program design.



Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Center
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